How it works:

  • Your monthly appointment will always be automatically scheduled for the same day and time each month.   
  • Rescheduling is always possible with a minimum of 24 hours notice (more notice is appreciated!)
  • Rescheduled appointments must be before your next regularly scheduled appointment.
  • You will automatically be charged  each month.
  • You can cancel  at any time.    

AutoPay Plan Benefits

  • Each 1 hour massage is only $60 ($90 for 90 minute sessions).  

  • You save $240 a year!  (that's 3 free massages per year!)

  • It's so much easier to plan for a massage when your next appointment is already scheduled.  (Rescheduling is always allowed with at least 24 hours notice.)

How to get started:  

  1. Email or call 603-781-6184 and we will agree on a time for your regular, monthly massage.

  2. Once your day/time is confirmed, you will be emailed a link to sign up. 

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